Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black Dog

Oh wow. Oh wow xinfinity. On a scale of 1-excited, I'm Disney pumped about this! Black Dog Institute is running a photography competition which is open to (as far as I can see) ALL AGES! (yeah you need parental permission if you're under 18). I don't know WHY I'm so excited cause I'm pretty sure I'd never win even if I did enter. I'm pretty sure YOU'RE pretty sure I'd never win if I did enter. But just thinking of entering a photography competition; THINKING of thinking of entering a photography competition, is super exciting! First prize is a Nikon D5000 twin lens kit! I love Eli to bits but whoa anyway!
One thing I will need if I'm going to think of thinking of entering will be a model of some sort... if I can get one of those I can work out how I want everything else to look. Anyone willing to volunteer themselves? (you don't have to actually MODEL. Just sit in the photo would be enough)
Well if you want to enter yourself (cause you - whoever you are - can probably do a way better job of this than I ever could), the link is here




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