Saturday, May 1, 2010


Wow. I can't believe I'm actually writing a blog about Justin(e) Bieber. So he's the latest in teen popstars. Canadian. 16. He happens to have THE biggest baby face yet to grace our TV screens.
Unlike the rest of his teen poppy famousy groupyness, I don't have built up dislike for him. *shock horror* I know, I know. Obviously I would have reason for this, as everything he is seems to oppose everything I normally like. I have many statements to make on this whole issue of Justin(e) Bieber.
1) He's actually not that bad.
2) His video clips are shameful
3) So are his lyrics
4) So is what [it seems] he stands for
5) His fans make me ashamed of my generation.

Point 1. He's actually not that bad. I'm not saying his music isn't that bad, because I don't really like it at all. But just in general he seems like a pretty nice guy. He's not out there trying to double his fan base, hasn't been involved in any scandals (yet/as far as I know), was sad that his mum got knocked down and scolded the girls for it. I think he is a nice kid, but just happens to be unfortunately cursed with a baby face and a voice that sounds like he's too young to watch M15+ movies. Poor 16 year old.

Point 2. OK I have seen many videoclips in my lifetime. Hitting the top most annoying ones (in no particular order) are
This Heart Attack - Faker
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Lights and Music - Cut Copy
Feel Good Inc. - The Gorillaz
Baby - Justin Bieber
One Time - Justin Bieber
One Less Lonely Girl - Justin Bieber
Never Let You Go - Justin Bieber
Forever - Chris Brown
I haven't actually brought myself to hating life to the point where I would watch the music videos of Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers. So that's the list for now.
Why is it that his video clips are so shameful? I'mma tell you one time. *giggles at lameness*. It's because you can't actually have a dance-off between baby-faced teenagers over a girl's affections and not be shameful. Because in Never Let You Go, his obvious love interest is wearing not one but TWO, PLASTIC kids watches. That's actually just embarrassing. Cause the people who cast the girl in his One Less Lonely Girl clip cast her 3 inches taller than him. Which looked awkward. And she looked older by a decade or so. It's also a little more than a lot silly for him to be standing on his tiptoes to see his love interest in One Time. They just highlight how much of a kid he is. These flaws aren't necessarily his fault, but gee you'd think he'd be a man and stand up against them. Heh. I suppose it's a bit hard to do when you haven't hit puberty.

Point 3. This kid has no depth. At all. Everything he sings is exactly how you take it. It also kind of makes you laugh at how he really is obviously a kid.
"You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there"
But wait, later in the song he sings
"Are we an item? Girl quit playing
Were just friends, What are you saying"
And get this. Coming from a 16 year old.
"I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring"
He really does himself no favours. I think it's a lot shallow to bring materialistic goods into this. How low is his self-esteem that he feels he needs to buy a girl? Or how desperate is he to resort to the lowest form of appeal - money? There is something wrong if this 16 year old boy is already developing the mindset that girls entering relationships based on items is fine. I'm not even going to start on relationships or I'll never finish this. So he's bringing stuff into it to keep a girl. Moving past that, he'll buy her anything and any ring? Songs generally aren't written from the perspective of "I'm a rich singer, so I can afford this", they're normally a happy "normal person liking normal person" thing. Excusing the fact that he's probably able to afford anything the narrow-minded female can think of asking for, this is a ridiculous claim! He's 16! If we were to look at this from "normal person to normal person" perspective, he's now just begging. Any ring? Is this a marital reference? Why not a necklace? Or an anklet? Or all the 2D Disney films in one epic DVD collection? When people bring rings into music, they're normally talking about ones with pretty diamonds to signify their unending love and desire to spend the rest of their life with them. HE'S 16! Someone should kick him for that! Marriage? Unending love? Rest of life? This kid doesn't even have the same girl in his video clips (I'll reach that in point 4). I suppose it rhymes with thing, and his lack of originality in word use probably just leads him to it from his limited vocabulary. I should buy him a thesaurus...
Anyway, he's standing there (or dancing there) professing his true affection and trying to buy back this coy child with a ring, when he doesn't even know how to make up his mind. "I know you love me" to "are we an item?" There are a lot of issues in that relationship that his lyrics don't even begin to touch on. The dancing is a key factor.

Point 4. 'What he stands for' isn't really an apt way of putting it. Cause like I said, he's probably a nice kid, so if he does stand for this, I don't think it's intentional. But he contradicts himself. And is silly. This should have been titled "he's silly." anyway,
"And girl you're my one love, my one heart
My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time
(Girl, I love, girl I love you)"
The problems here are that he's said she's his one love, but she's a completely different girl! I don't care if it's normal for 'shorty/shawty' to change every video clip, it's just annoying! How awesome it would be to have one girl in all the clips. It's just subliminally condoning inconsistency.

Point 5. His fan base makes me angry. No really, they're that stupid.
"theres alot of B-O-Y-S making fun of u every time i hear someone making fun of u i stick up for u and say to them that: they are REALLY jeolus of u and they need to get a life and STOP HATEN ON U just cause u get the girls, have a beatuiful (voice for a boy) and u have the PERFECT SMILE, and REALLY PRETTY EYES doesnt mean they can hate on u. see justin i got your back if we ever met we can become really great friends then date and get married and have kids and be a family i mean if thats alright with u ( P.S. i would NEVER EVER EVER use U i promise i like u the way u are) love, Aliyah"
That causes me pain. I don't feel the need to expand on this today. I shall when I have the energy.