Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't EAT that!

I thought I should take this opportunity to list all the foods I don’t like, just so you know. Yes, I'm picky. You should know that by now.

- potato

- avocado

- bread (with the exception of white bread used as a sausage sandwich or toast(ed stuff, as well as those cute dinner rolls and bread rolls with butter and chicken. And on stuff like pizza.)

- curry (I hate spicy food. The spiciest food I eat is Mongolian lamb)

- Seafood

- peas

- brussel sprouts

- bread and butter pudding

- certain lasagnes (I’m VERY picky about texture and flavour)

- most soups (I do like chicken soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken and sweet corn soup… you get the idea)

- salads (not as a main meal)

- chips (this comes under potato I guess. I will eat chocolate chips and corn chips, but not potato chips or anything that resembles them)

- anything with BBQ sauce

- sausage rolls

- anything with tomato sauce (excepting pizza)

- mushrooms (with the exception of in small amounts in quiche, mum’s tuna mushroom, and limited other dishes)

- cous cous

- minestrone pasta (you know the stuff that resembles rice?)

- pears (unless in dessert)

- curry textured stuff (eg butter chicken)

- sweet and sour pork

- chocolate sponge cakes (no really, I’m over them. They fail)

- coffee flavoured stuff

- subway

- hamburgers/cheeseburgers/fishburgers etc etc. Not. burgers.

- rissoles

- beetroot

- mayonnaise

- sweet chilli anything

- fried egg (POACH it people!)

- asparagus

- most other vegetables actually

- shepherds pie (take a guess at why)

- if I’m aware that it has oyster sauce or fish sauce, I wont eat it

- pork crackling

- a lot of cold stuff, as in cold pasta etc

- coleslaw

- mulberries if I can avoid them (I once had a bad moment with a mulberry…)

- miso soup (one teaspoon is too much)

- feta cheese

- most cheeses

- yoghurt by itself

- tofu

- beans

- ginger (including gingerbread, gingernut cookies, ginger beer etc)

- horseradish

- mustard

- gristle in food

- stuffing (as in the stuff that goes in chicken etc)

- cabanossi/pepperoni

- cauliflower and cheese sauce

- some casseroles

- most food containing detectable alcohol

- rare cooked meat

and that’s the list so far. I’ll add things as I go I guess =]

Take care loves!




  1. Oh wow - that's quite a long list. Is there anything you do like to eat? Just so I know what to feed you next time you come for a meal. :)
    Mrs Ventura

  2. Yeah I'm possibly the world's pickiest eater =/ However stuff it's safe to try to feed me includes:
    - pasta (you know, spag bol, carbonara etc)
    - bbq food
    - Tacos! I'm going through a wrap phase so I crave them a lot. Tacos are definitely a positive
    - pizza (the home-made stuff, although I do eat the take-away)
    - Stir fry (although the flavour I can be a bit sketchy on..)
    - lamb
    - Schnitzel (the chicken variety)
    - chicken parmigiana

    Just as ideas...