Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 seconds in my mind.

30 seconds in my mind.
Never let go.
I’m holding on. To what? A feeling? A friend? A thought? It’s something real and true. It is there. Just as real as I am. Or am I not? Is this truly what the world is?
Why are we ALL so ignorant?
What is it we want to accomplish?
Where do we want to get in life? How do we dream and make it reality?
Why do we hide who we are?
Are we scared? Am I scared?
We have opinions on everything, but the slightest difference in circumstance will change that. Is that what we are ultimately running from? Not the unknown, not the past, but change?
Why do we flee the inevitable? Is it this bubble of comfort that we don’t want damaged? If asked a question about the past, we don’t know the answer; and yet seem to know the future. Know that it holds change, and know that ultimately it is bad. Why is change so bad? We cannot stop it. Is that it? Control?
We are not only running from the inevitable, but we are chasing an illusion.
Something we can’t escape and something we will never have. It’s not like the power over things counts. We have no control. We cannot, because control can stop change, and change is inevitable.
Change is moving. We cannot move backwards.
Change is time. While we are able to remain the same, we are still changed.
Time is not able to be gained. It just happens.
We waste time on stopping change.
Is that what we fear? Our time? Death? The ultimate end of this “time”? But time is determined by the Earth’s movement. Can we stop the earth from moving?
If we could, would time stop?
If time were to stop, would change then stop?
Would we have reached our goal of stopping change?
Would that be a good thing?
It’s so selfish.
Our fear of time and change.
It isn’t that we fear the unknown, but that we fear loss. All of us, holding on to something that we cannot afford to lose.
Change brings loss. We come into life with nothing, why do we fear it? We survived without these materialistic requirements when we were at our most vulnerable age, so why do we need them now?
Is that also part of it? Growth? Lack of control over our own self? Growth needs change, change makes growth. It’s a cycle we all experience, so why is it that we have such little faith in ourselves to believe that unlike billions before us, we wont make it through this cycle?
Our lives are characterised by fear.
We need to stop fear.
That, requires change.

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