Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Space filler =]

It recently came to my attention that I haven’t blogged much lately. No, I haven’t blogged at all lately. Tragedy strikes. So I thought that I had to say something, and it doesn’t really matter what, just as long as it’s here. Well I realised that there will never be a shop as cool as an op-shop. They really are the best. They don’t stock specifically for the season, they have various items of clothing that you’re not likely to see on anyone else, they have really awesome stuff with wayyyy better prices than what they would have originally sold for, they have out of the ordinary stuff, and they’re random! I mean think about it people, what more could you want in a shop? I think the only complaint I’d ever have about an op-shop would be it’s weird smell. But that’s about it. You can really get some cool stuff. And if it’s not, well you’re not exactly incapable of DIY make it perfectness.

On a random side note, I thought you should look at my current dream shoes. Coming in at number 3, Blazer by Wittner. You’d have to go to their website to see them, but whoa they are awesome.
2, Goth boots of some kind. Really, what isn’t awesome about them?
and number 1, Knee-high black converse. Yep that’s right. The kind that only Japan stocks *damnit*. They are ultimately whoa.

Continuing on with absolutely nothing in particular I had an injection yesterday. And. It. Hurt. A lot. Dad had his right before me and said “yeah I didn’t feel it at all” … great dad. You’re a doctor, and a man. I’m a 14 year old girl with a high sensitivity to pain. What do you think is going to happen to me? And low an behold, it hurt. At first it was like a little pin prick, until she actually pushed the needle into my arm. And then decided that she would take forever injecting the stuff. Lordy I am not going through that again. I didn’t even get a cotton wool ball. She gave me a bandaid! GAH! And she didn’t give me a lollypop either! What is wrong with these people!? So then mum was talking to me and said “yeah just keep moving it, you’ll be fine” so I kept moving it for most of the night. Then I went to bed, as you do. I woke up this morning and it felt like the needle had been left in my arm. I literally could not move it more than 20° away from my body. Then I gradually started to move it again, and HUZZAH! IT STILL HURTS! Yarggg.

Another thing that happened yesterday BEFORE my arm was punctured, was I discovered one of my new favourite cookie recipes. No you cannot have it. It’s mine. ALL MINE! MWAHAHAHA. … actually it’s just really rare for me to find a recipe that is easy enough to cook without consuming time, effort or ingredients, while also tasting good. The taste I was surprised at. They weren’t that bad to tell the truth. It was slightly frustrating though; when they first came out of the oven they were really chewy and awesome, but slowly hardened a bit so it was only a bit on the inside that was still chewy. I come to the conclusion that they should therefore be eaten within 10 minutes of the removal from the oven. Plan on making more in the near future too ;)

Well is that enough? It will have to do for now. Like I said, just a space filler. Doesn’t really have much stuff to read or anything much worth reading. Classic.


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