Monday, June 8, 2009

Nice face you got there...

Why hello lovely children. Long time no blog. So, I’ve been thinking (as seems to be a tradition before I post blogs) about profile pictures. I know. Where did that come from?
… Well don’t ask me! I don’t know these things.
Now think about the various types of profile pictures. I’m going to categorize them.

The non-images: these are the people who as of yet do not have profile pictures. Non images are generally unisex silhouettes.

The unidentifiable: if they have a group photo or a photo that doesn’t really at all show their face particularly well, it’s an unidentifiable.

The icon: I will never understand why people do this, but some people put a picture of an icon as their profile picture. All those weird cat ones, or that messed up baby one, or pretty much anything that isn’t you. Bands, actors etc.

The poser: Yeah this seems to be coming back as a more common one. My msn is a poser pic actually. I tend to stick to non-posers as a profile picture though. Even though my blog picture is one too… oh well. Poser photos are exactly that, posed. Girls use them more than guys do, often including looking depressed, sometimes pursed lips etc. Some of them look ok, others we worry about… o.o

The boobs: Don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about here. Stereotypically a female type of profile pic, you do see the occasional guy with something along the same lines. It’s a picture to get your attention away from the face, directly onto something else. Generally boobs. It’s a ploy used by girls to enhance their attraction, unfortunately, very rarely will people see the girl’s face, and it they do they automatically associate the girl with that particular image. Not a good look people.

The friend: People with low self-confidence, attractiver friends or stalkery issues generally have the friend picture. Obviously, this consists of a photo of someone else. Occasionally they do it to trick us into thinking they are their friend, but in general we know better than that.

The super attractive: The picture of someone that is just the ultimate photo. The problem with these is that while they’re super attractive in the photo, it’s just one photo and people can then see the rest of the photos of them and understand they’re not exactly what they thought they looked like.

The normal: In basic essence, just a normal photo of someone smiling. Looking just like they would if you saw them acting normally. Generally the best.

So now we know what they all are, but think about what they’re supposed to be. A profile picture. A profile of someone is generally their normal face. So we ask ourselves, why do we have all these photos that aren’t of our face? Most of it is because we’re bored with our normal face. Others it’s a thing about self-confidence. Maybe stalkerness in some cases o.o in general it’s just how we roll. I have a preference for photos where you see the person’s face. I don’t know why. Maybe it makes me feel like they’re normal. Or abnormal as the case may be. All the same, profile pictures seem to have a pretty big impact on everyone else, otherwise why would we worry about them so much? … I’m sure I was supposed to be going somewhere with this but for the life of me I can’t work it out… oh well. I’ll end (and probably edit later) with a simple “love the face God gave you, and proudly show the world” =] there we go.
God Bless!

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