Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome to my head

So Kelsey told me recently that I should write a new blog. And I was like “yeah it’s been a while” so I asked her for ideas. One of them being how I actually think of what to write. I was like o.O someone bothers to read this? Let alone actually wants to know how I write these? I mean wow *flattered* Anyways, I then was faced with the challenge of working out how I actually think up the topics for these.
I narrowed it down to 3 primary methods.

1. Boredom Destruction:
I get bored SO easily, yet entertained, SO easily. So if I have enough bother, I will blog. These are normally the ones about nothing. Eg, the colours one. I don’t do them as much though, simply cause… well… I have more stuff to do I guess.

2. Insight to my life:
I don’t really tell people much about myself…. No wait. I do. Never mind. I guess I use it as a way to learn about recent happenings in my life. I mean HELLO I don’t tell everyone everything. It’s good when telling you stuff. (whoever you is). Besides that, I can remember days this way. If something relevant happens, I wont forget it. And when I get old and decrepit I will have some memories to look at of my youth. Not even when I’m old. Just when I’m older. When I hit 16 (2 years. OMGOSH) lol, I’ll be able to read these and go “wow. I hate myself. Good lord why didn’t I kill that girl when I had the chance?” I mean, I do that these days, and will probably do it for the rest of my life. Just hoping that when I get to 16 I can like who I was at this age, instead of being snarky and sarcastic as I am now.

3. Observations:
You know, pretty much everything I talk about is invisible to us all, we just don’t see it.

…. did that even make sense?
um… how do I put it… it’s stuff that we don’t pay attention too. It’s so part of our lives that we never look at it. Eg, “traffic lights” or “thriller”. Really nothing special about those ones. I’m just stating the obvious that nobody sees. I think I deserve a ‘Captain Obvious’ badge of some description. I think I’ll make one for my own benefit. I really want one now. Should it be a star? Or maybe a star with a cape?

I KNOW! It will be a star… WITH a cape! HOLY GOODNESS!!!!! EPIC!
I’m getting sidetracked here. As I was saying, normally with this kind of post, it’s just something recent that pops into my head. I was in Sydney at traffic lights, about to kick the button when I realized a group of people on the other side of the road were doing exactly what I said.

And I also think I should give a special mention (although it doesn’t qualify as a method) to actually needing to write one. Often I will blog simply because I haven’t for a certain amount of time. I feel the need to blog repetitively, just in case I grow out of the habit. It’s important that I don’t stop, or I’ll run out of things to kill my boredom, ways to bring you into my life, and silly things to point out.

Soooooo Kelsey. Have you learned that little bit more about me? Seen into my mind of horror?
I require sleep for work tomorrow. So I shall continue talking to the world later.
God Bless ya lovely people =]
xoxoxoxoxoxox (extra hugs and kisses cause I’m bored)

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