Friday, April 17, 2009

Traffic Lights

Red. Orange. Green. The three colours which control the percentage of city travel. Red - stop. Orange - slow down in preparation to stop. Green - GO GO GO this is not a drill! Yeah that’s not quite what green means, but you have a limited time to transport yourself, so it’s best to take advantage of the green. Legally o.O
Anyways, I’m not really talking about that. I was just standing in Sydney at a traffic light, when someone came up and pressed… THE BUTTON! As of yet we haven’t given “the button” a proper name other than “the button” I think we should call it Pablo, but that would be awkward cause you’d say “press Pablo for me” or “you’re leaning against Pablo”. Well I’ll get back to that later.
So just because I very rarely say anything even remotely political, I thought I would add, why is it that we trust a light to tell us what to do, but complain so much about parliament? Meh. I’ll have to come up with a better political comment later in my blogging days.

Beside the point. I thought I would point out that we seem to have OCD about traffic lights. There can be a group of 20 people standing on the side, waiting to cross the road, and people will STILL press that button. Whoa! Even though there are 20 people who have pressed the button, this one person now has the power to control whether we cross or not. Man I wish I was that person. With that superpower. Being able to press the traffic light and every single time we’ll be able to cross. Super cool.

The other thing people seem to always do, is press it with their hand. I’m not a health freak or whatever, but look at it people. You have your hand and you (should) know where it’s been. But what about every single other person that has touched that button? Some nasty person who hasn’t washed their hands since they were 4. Or that greasy hand. Or that just in general other hand. It may be normal to touch it with your hand, but why not make it look cooler? I mean, I have this thing where I press it with my knee (provided I’m in pants) and I sneakily make it look like I’m practicing my ninja moves. Nobody could care less. Then again, with the knee thing. It’s like “I’ll just knee Pablo” ouch man. Poor Pablo. Well I guess it could be worse. In general though, don’t use any weird body parts. That will give you weird looks… but heck if you want them - go ahead.

What also makes me laugh is when we get so impatient at traffic lights when we have a time limit. I mean it’s going to take the same amount of time as if you didn’t have a time limit, so why get so cranky!? Then again I can’t say much. I do that all the time. Ah makes me laugh anyway.

I don’t have a lot more that I can think of saying on this topic, so I’ll sign off here.

God Bless!

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