Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Legend of Zelda

Zelda. Seriously, of all the Nintendo games I have ever wanted to play, The Legend of Zelda (any version) has always been the top one. I seriously xinfinity love it. I think I played it at one stage at Zac’s house. We were in an old village and playing Link’s ocarina. Provided that’s what it is… o.O All the same, it was most definitely one of the coolest games ever! The awesome theme song, the sick sword action, the radical fighting scenes, the annoying speech bubbles, the funny graphics and of course, Link. I was at Emma G’s house one day in ’08, and her cousin was playing on her Nintendo. They were playing some sort of “kill the other guy” game with Nintendo characters. Oh ma goodniss I nearly had an emotional breakdown! He was Luigi, and was smashing up Link!...... I actually had to leave the room cause of it.

I remember constantly thinking that Link was actually Zelda. Zelda is actually the Princess from the game. I know, it’s very deceptive. And every single time Zac told me that Zelda was the princess, I would ask something along the lines of “do they end up together in the end?”. Turns out they don’t really. Not with some cute little Nintendo wedding or whatever. Then again, Zelda is a little girl in one version, and she seems to keep changing age, so in another version she’s Link’s age. I guess we’ll never know, and she’ll never get together with him. *sigh*. Stupid Nintendo developers.

But as if this wasn’t enough cruelty! I then was looking around on the internet and discovered that IGN had made a trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie, that isn’t coming out. It was just a trailer. Part of an unfortunate april fool’s day prank. It wasn’t too tragic though, considering Zelda looked funny, and link wasn’t hot enough. Nor was he blonde. Grrr. All the same they did a pretty good job of the trailer and I really wanted to watch the movie.

So now you know that little bit more about me. My favourite Nintendo character is Link from The Legend of Zelda. I have a “Zelda: Ocarina of time” background on my computer to comfort me in the knowledge that I wont ever play it. Besides that, he has awesome fingerless gloves and only THE COOLEST boots I’ve seen on a game character (except for Yuffie’s from Final Fantasy VII).

Just as a side note, I actually enjoyed playing Pokemon Stadium as much as I enjoyed playing The Legend of Zelda, simply because I understood what was going on. Same with Super Mario Karts (whoa it’s epic).
In addition to this side note, I would also like to point out that I’m not a freakishly obsessed gamer. I do not play W.O.W. I don’t even understand what it’s about. I’m not into those things. Just my Zelda/Pokemon/tetris/Mario Karts. But hey I don’t play them that much anyway, so it doesn’t really count.

Is there anybody out there who also misses Nintendo 64s instead of these Nintendo WII’s or Playstations?


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