Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well hey family. Geez I missed you. I really need to plot out a selection of stuff I need to talk about. Starting off, I’ll list everything I currently KNOW I’m going to talk about some time *in no particular order*:
- abortion
- tennis
- over-exposing clothing
- swearing
- Christianity
- judgemental people
- mythical/fantasy stuff
- maybe Japan/anime/manga
- emoness/suicide/depression
- relationships
- music
- random dancing
- twilight.
Yep. I will talk about it. Don’t even pretend like you can’t see it coming. You have warning. Don’t complain. I’m trying to think of other stuff I should talk about.
*shocked face* I know! I’ll ask YOU! What do YOU want me to talk about? (there is a comment option you know). Is there anything you desperately want to know my opinion on? Or even something you think would be remotely interesting to read from me?
Actually now I really x1000000 want suggestions. All the other stuff I’m really excited about talking about, so I need ideas. I need to be in the exact right mood and frame of mind to talk about the previous stuff, so I need space fillers so I can finally go “WHAM” with my coolness when I do end up in the mood to talk about one of the following.
Or is there anyone who wants one specifically for them? *you selfish people >.<* lol. Even talking about you could be interesting for me to do. I think I’ll seriously consider that.

Now you’re seriously bored. All the more reason to suggest something.

I miss Emma *sniff*
God Bless you lovelies!

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  1. Wow you remind me sooo much of Zeb...Probably not something you wanted to hear =]

    although I suppose you ARE related so...

    Mandy =]

    [ ]