Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I was thinking about nothing (as seems to be a habit nowadays) and it occurred to me that I had never really thought about colours that much. So I did some "research" and discovered a few things. For example (the obvious stuff)

Green - life, growth, renewal and health. Also can represent jealousy >.<
Blue - Calming and cool. However too much can depress
Purple - royal, regal or noble.
Pink - often associated with girls. A less-violent red
Red - love and violence. Ironic isn't it?
Yellow - symbolises happiness and sunshine, but also cowardice and deceit
Orange - energy, warmth and sun.
Brown - down-to-Earth (makes sense right?)
Black - dark, mysterious, and sophisticated. Also possibly mourning etc.

Well I just use black cause it's easier to read than yellow...
Darn. I can't really think of anything I want to write about colours. They're a pretty closed off topic when I talk about them like this.

So in this rare case, I will instead discuss the nature of seals and my opinion of them.
Seals. They look a bit like an oily sausage roll with a dog/manatee/bear sort of head, little stubs of flippers, and a weird whaleish tale. That's a spotted seal at least. Fur seals are fluffy white versions of this. Maybe white mold was growing on the sausage roll... I really don't know. Wow. look at that word. Mold. Say it a few times and it sounds pretty funky. Mold. It looks like it should have a u in it too. Make it mould. Or is that right? I'm not sure anymore. But I think it's a nifty word. Mold. Man I'll be thinking about that all day... o.O

Well I have a lot of chillaxing to do, and shows to see, food to eat, and lame to be (HUZZAH for my unplanned rhyme!) so I'm gonna finish talking now.

God Bless!

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