Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Brodie. This is my mini-dedication to you. Well it’s not really dedicated to you, cause it’s about you. So sad. Well I’m not really sure what to say about you. Any ideas people? Me thinks I’ll just improvise as I go along. So hard to do when you haven’t got a starting point. Superficial side. Always a good place to start. So looking at you, I see a bigish nose, dreadlocks and an eyebrow. I said superficial! Well that’s what you see. But as everyone who knows you (and all the corny movies/quotes/songs) can say, there is more to you than just that. You’re slightly shorter than me. I think. o.O I’m pretty sure you are. Which must be embarrassing (Jared don’t read this! lol). But that’s cool man. I reckon you’re awesome just the way you are =] Besides that, you’re likely to grow more at some point. If you come back from Brisbane taller than everyone I’ll be on the ground laughing. I do that a lot these days. Well I hope you do. Something more to talk about. I feel like I’m having a one-way conversation with you. Which is easier than trying to write stuff about you I guess. I think it’s kind of weird to do that. I need to stop talking these days. People say I talk too much. Well this is about you, not me. So back on track =]
Well Brodie, I don’t know if I have mentioned this enough, but you are a very disturbing kid. But we love you anyway. Yet remain disturbing. Never ever ever ever ever ever go cheerleader on me again. *shudder* not good. But thanks for saving us from “them” you make things funny. Them and their attachment to each other needs someone laughing at them, and that’s where you come in. HUZZAH. You need to get back from Brisbane soon though, this is getting slightly awkward. o.O no offence you guys if you’re reading this. I love you two! *slightly nervous smile* Don’t kill me.
Yeah. So…. OH! I forgot to talk about how rad you are! Tell you a secret? I look up to you. Well, downish physically, but still up. Spiritually I look up to you. That’s right. I love talking to you about deep stuff. It’s cool. You know what you’re talking about which makes it easier for me to understand as you’re so young =] so much life ahead of you! lol. Also I want to thank you for being so trustable? Is that even a word? Well yeah. Thanks for recognizing what I say and taking me seriously. I love you for taking me seriously. It’s good that you can be serious too. But we like funny too.
And you have no idea how actually just hilarious you are. When listing the funny people I know you are most certainly on the list. Unfortunately not many people ask me about the list, so I don’t get to tell them that much. But when people do, I say you (along with some other people). Even the cheerleader thing was funny. Don’t ever do it again though. *twitch* Nightmares. Nightmares. Nightmares. lol. Good to have you at youth group and stuff. And geez our crew is so empty without you! We’re like “Brodie *sob*”. Or that could just be me. I bet they’re all thinking it though :)
Soooooo…………… darn. Once I say all that stuff I seem to run out of things to say.
Well Get back soon so we can do our awesome hug. We all love and miss you heaps.
God Bless Brodie!

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