Saturday, March 7, 2009

Australia VS Kuwait

Darn that disappointment. OK, well I think I'll enlighten you as to this disappointment. On Thursday 5th March, Emma Gerrand, Kristy Bartell, Happi Human, Mr.Gerrand, my family, and I all went to watch the Socceroos play against Kuwait. Whatever their name is. So I was over excited. Times a million. I was pumped. It was going to be the best soccer game I'd ever watched. In the car up, we were listening to songs to get us hyper. Like "eye of the tiger" and "Hot Hot Hot (ole ole, ole ole feelin hot hot hot)". We were gonna have so much fun. Sugar was running through the car in the form of redskins, sherbies and milkos. It couldn't have been more exciting. I mean, we had everything going for us. Aussie tattoos on our cheeks, flags in hand, we got out of the car and had dinner.
Now you're probably thinking that there is some tragedy close approaching that makes it not-fun. Well be patient! That comes way later on. We walked to the stadium, adding to our huge collection of photos. We scanned into the grounds where we saw the Foxtel tent, and had awesome freebies handed out (none of which served any great purpose). Woo freebies! We took more photos and went up to our seats.
Then the game started. Think of an epic moment in your life (just an epic moment, not necessarily the mo
st epic), and transfer that to this situation, and you've probably got something equal to what I'm thinking of. We went crazy, then silent. For some reason it went kinda quiet just after kickoff. But it was good anyway. The first half went past pretty quickly. Maybe cause it was intense, maybe it actually went fast. I'm not quite sure. Oh well. I can't remember if it was just at the end of the first half or sometime during the second, but Kuwait scored.
I know. It was pretty upsetting for me too. However if you actually look at the game, you'd find that
they spent so much time on the ground, the game may as well have gone for an hour and had them playing on their knees. See the dead guy just there? He had stretchers on him, trying to save him. As if that wasn't good enough for him. He then got up just as they arrived. I mean look how tragic it was. See their excitement?! I think it was really unfair of them to let those guys down like that.
As if it wasn't good enough for him to overexcite that he had them running to him first, then he decided to do it. Again. Later on in the game though. It was somewhat of a disappointment. The amount of time they spent whining was just stupid. Eventually it got to the stage that as soon as they hit the ground, everyone booed them. I almost felt bad for them when that happened. Nobody would really appreciate getting heaps for being injured. But it's like the boy who cried wolf I guess. It just happens that way. The other thing I got a photo of was this guy who was half way through standing up again, when I took a photo. It looks like he's attempting levitation or just having a momentary time of meditation during the game. See him down there? So slack. *insert laugh at him here* But he did make me laugh, so he gets credit for that. Then at half time, Emma, Zeb, Happi, Kristy and I went looking for Jared & Kailey (assuming that's the way you spell her name) HUZZAH for us, we found them outside the merchandise tent. So Emma, Happi and I then went and sat with the Tonini's + Rooney (never properly met the kid). They happened to be lucky enough to sit just behind the goals, opposite the big screen. Which was coolies. They were on our side of the stadium. Eventually we went and stood somewhere else (Emma, Happi and me, that is), where the viewing was convenient. Before we were then called back by the 'rents to our seats. The best thing about where we were sitting, was that it was exactly where the mexican waves started. In the second half of the game, when Australia was getting nowhere, our area of the stadium started mexican waves. It was pretty awesome. But the slack people on the other side of us stopped. Just lost enthusiasm or something.
Well the game ended and the Socceroos had lost. I nearly cried (I actually did when we got home. Well it was more restrained sobs of disappointment). Which is what I was getting too. In the car home, we even listened to depressing music, like Simple Plan. If anyone creates whiny music, it's them. Got home. Was tired. Slept until 7:45 on Friday morning. A miracle for me, cause I normally wake up at 6:30-7. But all was well. Even though I only got 6 1/2 hours sleep.

So now that I've told you my life story, you can go on... live out yours... and we'll dream of better things. Like the match against Oman on November 14. I think I'll beg my parents to make that my birthday present. Any party-goers? lol.

God Bless,

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