Tuesday, February 24, 2009

T is for Tuesday!

No it's not! I lied. Hehehe. I'm sorry. That was very deceitful of me and I wont do it again. Today at least.
So it's Tuesday. The big T-U-E-S day. It's a little bit after the M-O-N day and before the W-E-D-N-E-S day.

I only just noticed that Wednesday is the day of the week that has the most letters in its name. Well you learn something new every day.
Being Tuesday, I thought I should contribute a saying of the day:
"Of course the chicken came first, God would look silly sitting on an egg."

Isn't that inspirational? I think it is. Now life's questions can be answered without the constant pestering of what could or couldn't be as far as chickens, eggs and the beginning of the two is concerned.
I think we should pause in commemoration of this great discovery.

Whoah! You paused WAY too long. I finished ages ago. Tuseday appears to be a tragedy. We're not getting anywhere productive or sane. So what am I to do now? Perhaps I shall list the top 3 things that went well today, and the top 3 things that didn't (for balance, of course)

Good stuff:
1. I got to walk around the oval instead of work on my speech
2. I successfully said a phrase in Italian and knew exactly what it meant! *yes, it was more complicated than ciao*
3. Only got three questions wrong in maths. Yep only three! HUZZAH!

Bad stuff:
1. I had no food today (I don't normally, but it's just more painful when you end up wanting it)
2. The video camera for drama ran out of battery just as we were about to find out a crucial piece of information!
3. Jared and Kezza weren't at school. *sob*

Meh. I'll add to the good stuff later. Maybe. So now you know the complete workings of my Tuesday. They have actually improved in value since I moved my piano lesson, and I don't have work today, so my relaxation metre went up by a lot of points. Sadly, this also means I have more "reflective upsetting thinking" time, but I guess you're always gonna win some and lose some.

And for the benefit of those who are curious, I work at Hooks Pharmacy, the one near cos-cut and Percy's. Please drop in sometime while I'm working (ANYONE!) cause it's so much more fun when people I recognize walk in and talk to me. I feel special.

Well God Bless, and I hope to talk to you again soon.

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