Sunday, February 22, 2009

If All The World Were Flowers and Butterflies

This is just an old blog I posted on myspace, it was originally from 30th Januray, 2008

I was just thinking how awesome-cool God is. As in, seriously. He's Rad! We're having a lightning storm at our house at the moment, and it's so cool! The power and majesty in it sends shivers down my spine! So I was wondering whether we'd appreciate God and his world if everything was perfect and sweet. Would we be thankful for the beautiful things if there were no scary things? If we were the strongest animals on this planet, would we really enjoy it that much? I'm getting such a thrill from seeing the massive bolts of lightning light up the clouds, and the thunder rolling in and echoing through my ears. It's like the sea in a storm when the waves crash against the rocks. Powerful and dangerous as it is, it's one of the most awesome things to see. It shakes me up and gives me so much adrenaline! And to think that God is in charge of all this? Dude, we're practically ants in an ant farm. Like an experiment. We're loved and cared for though. And THAT is awesome.

God Bless,

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