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From January 22, 2009,

Hey peeps. New blog. Wooo. I'm starting the topic on doonas, but I'm quite likely to go off on a tangent. We did that alll the time at summer school. I can't remember when we ever had a conversation without talking about something like pie or whether we like crunchy or smooth peanut butter...

Doonas. Right. You know doonas are quite possibly the most lovable things ever? Seriously. I woke up this morning and didn't want to get out of bed because I'd be leaving it. It's so... puffy. I think I have the same kind of attachment to pillows and hot water bottles. I have a nice hot water bottle. It's red with the occasional small horizontal stripe on it.

But the thing that's the weird part is WHY I'm so attached. I mean, it's puffy. Woo. Hair, faces, mums, pipes and chimneys can be puffy. Still I don't like all of them despite their puffyness. Except Cohen's hair. I like it's puffyness. It looks cool. And my mum... I like her. Faces is just weird.

So I come to my next bit, which is why do we name blankets but not doonas? I know a few people who name their doonas, but I mean why does society in general not do it? I sleep with a doona, not a blanket. I was never attached to a particular blanket. I was fond of a quilt, but I wouldn't cry if I lost it or something like that.

At one point I had a list of names for my doona, but it's kind of small, so your contributions are quite welcome!

I thought a space would be suitable here because of all that compressed reading. At last I ask you, if you were to name your doona, what would it be? And do you have any suggestions for mine?

That was 2 questions...

God Bless,

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